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Understanding the Roles of a Green Card Lawyer
A green card is given on the basis of preference for given categories of nationals who are foreign. There should be the availability of which a person applies. A relative that is immediate of a citizen of the United States can make applications for a green card.
However, if a person does not fall into such a category, there can be a number that is limited of the availability of green cards in each year. For such a reason, getting a green card can be a process that is extremely long, up to ten years and even more for people who do not fall into the categories of highest preferences. There is a limitation in the number of visas in each country. Thus, even though a person is qualified, in the case the country has reached a maximum limitation of applicants of visas, the person will have to wait until the following application which will be the next year.
In order for a person to be eligible, a person needs to fit into one of the categories of people who are given permission for filing for a green card. Generally, a person needs to have a sponsor like an immediate relative who is a citizen of the United States or even an employer.
A person needs to submit an application for a status of permanent resident and petitions for the processing of the request to start. If a person is already in the United States in a legal manner, the person can file for the status to be adjusted. In the country of origin of a person, a person can file at the consulate of the United States or embassy in the given country. A person needs to submit any additional requirement that is needed.
In the case a person meets the required category to be eligible, a person needs not to be able to get permanent resident status that is lawful because of other given factors. For instance, if a person has a criminal record in the country where a person resides in they can be deemed not legible to get a green card.
After taking the above steps, there can be other more steps the person applying is needed to complete. It can involve attending interviews that are scheduled and offering further documentation as needed.
There is a need for a need for a person to get the services of a green card lawyer to make the process easy. It is very vital to consult with a green card lawyer Tucson with regards to my issue about the green card of a person. The regulation and rules with regards to the process of application for green card is a complex process. A lawyer is in a good position of reviewing the circumstances of a person, help a person with any applications, and represent a person during any proceedings in court, in their case it is needed. A lawyer can assist with the process so that it can run in a way that is smooth and avoid any delays and even mistakes.

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